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Sometimes life is all a bit much and all you want to do by the time you get to 5.30pm on Friday is crawl onto the sofa and stay there until Sunday night. Lately I’ve felt like that a lot. I’ve struggled to do anything without feeling exhausted. When I get to bed, I can’t sleep. I’m still exhausted. I struggle to climb into bed, can’t keep my eyes open, fall asleep while practically turning out the light. Somehow just a couple of hours later I’m half awake, tossing and turning. Then I’m completely awake and the long night begins. This is often when I plan, once I have finally given up on the notion that I can force myself to sleep.

This weekend it paid off. Funnily enough, on one of my night time ipad musings, I came across a knitting class. It was in the pub on a Saturday afternoon. Great! I’d been trying to knit while watching youtube for ages and ended up with ratty, mildly holey strips of knitting which could be mistaken for a scarf. Here was my chance to upskill.

Classie operates various classes around Melbourne including this beginners knitting class, held in the Provincial Hotel on Brunswick Street.

Some how Jess, who ran the class, worked miracles. I arrived half an hour late after missing my train, yet somehow I not only managed to catch up with the class as we were all knitting beanies, but I finished up second. Not that it was a race of course! I left with a new skill, AND a beanie, complete with self made pom pom.

I felt great!  Here’s the hat I made!

Louise's Beanie!

Just for context, here was my prior journey of failed attempts…







Today (Sunday) I got up at 6. I’d been awake for hours anyway. All I wanted was to have a good night’s sleep and to lie in until lunch, but it was not to be. Instead I Googled bicycles. It was a lovely day and I have been thinking about getting one for a few months, particularly one of those nice looking retro bicycles that seem to have taken over the Brunswick area. Delightful things. Delightful things with a giant price tag.

Since it was January and there might have been some sales on, I checked one last time and discovered had not only reasonably priced bicycles anyway but there was a sale on top. I decided to swing past and take a look.

I’d spotted the Melbourne Rouge online before leaving the house and it was my front runner. When I arrived it looked as beautiful as the site implied. It looked even more beautiful when I noticed the showroom bicycle had a scratch on the paintwork and a juicy extra $100 off the already reasonable price tag. I added a basket to the back, complementing the one already on the front.


I got home, reassembled the bicycle after having to remove the wheel to get it in my car, and hopped on for my first ride in 20 years. 5 kms later and some stiffening limbs, I puffed my way back to the house, smiling with glee. A successful purchase!



More updates to follow :)


…now please let me sleep………

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