Food, Drink and The Lion King

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There’s nothing like a bit of weekend relaxation to set you up for the week ahead.

This week my mother is staying and I’ve been entertaining her, or rather, attempting to. It seems she would prefer to do the garden, which is of course wonderful as I’m quite black thumbed, but it has curtailed our movements somewhat over the weekends. That said, I managed to drag her away from the garden long enough to cram a fair few things into the itinerary, namely a lot of food, drink and a night at the theatre to see the Lion King.

We went to Rochford Winery which isn’t far from Melbourne. It was a beautiful day. Great views.

Rochford Winery

Rochford Winery

Did some wine tasting…

Wine Tastintg

Wine Tasting

Cellar Door

We checked out these interesting contraptions. Wine lanyards!

Rochford Merchanise

Ate some food at Rochford…

Rochford Food

Rochford Food

And did some gardening.


What was the reward? We went to see The Lion King!




If you haven’t seen this spectacular show, you need to do yourself a favour and get some tickets! AMAZING!

So amazing here are some of the more official photos (aside from photography being banned during the show, we were right at the back, so I can’t take credit for these next few pics…)








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