Macaroon Madness

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A few months ago I bought a voucher to a macaroon class (‘macarOn’ class, whatever!) and last week I popped along to the Olive Tree Cooking School in Frankston to get started.

The class was a 4 hour workshop and Garry, our chef, was excellent at explaining all the little nuances as well as what to do with the equipment I hadn’t used before.

It struck me that the 4 hour class would be too long, but really it flew in. By the time we were knee deep in sugar thermometers and drum sieves, we were psyching ourselves up to the part I was dreading. Piping skills.

Somehow this wasn’t as bad as I expected and we managed to produce a few delicious batches of raspberry, lemon and salted caramel macaroons to follow Garry’s chocolate demonstration batch.

I’d love to try it at home but right now don’t have all the equipment I need just yet.

Check out our delights here:

The Olive Tree Cooking School class

The Olive Tree Cooking School class



Macaroon Class

Macaroon Class



11054472_10152816616456441_6010042310715637038_n (1)





If you’d like to try this class or one of Garry’s other classes which I’d highly recommend, check out

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